Renew Series



Lost or abandoned fishing nets, called “Ghost Nets”, are the single greatest polluter and killer of marine life in our oceans. They have the capacity to keep “ghost fishing” for many years, depleting our oceans of fish, birds and other species, as well as smothering corals, damaging boats, and polluting beaches.

In addition to the toll that commercial fishing is taking on the oceans, the global apparel industry is estimated to be the source of 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions. These two facts, which don’t seem related at first glance, are in fact part of the same larger challenge we face. They also highlight an opportunity to make apparel more sustainably. And the good news is that you can make a choice in apparel that helps to reduce the impact of abandoned nets and other debris on our oceans and planet, and that lowers the environmental burden of apparel, with no reduction on performance or style.

Giro Renew Series cycling apparel is made with recycled nylon, polyester and elastane, including Econyl® Lycra® made from reclaimed fishing nets and other ocean debris. The reclaimed materials are regenerated into raw materials and then into fabrics that offer the same comfort, performance, and durability as fabrics made from virgin sources, while reducing environmental burden and improving the health of our oceans and planet. The use of Econyl, in place of conventional nylon/Lycra materials for instance, can reduce the global warming impact of the source material by up to 80% compared with virgin material made from oil.


What is Renew Series?

Every Giro jersey or short in the Renew Series includes a significant percentage of the garment’s content, offers UPF 20-50+ protection to help block UV rays and provides 100% of the comfort, performance, and durability you expect from Giro.

In addition to the Renew Series, Giro’s Spring 2019 apparel line also makes significant use of bluesign® approved materials. The use of bluesign approved materials means that the those materials are evaluated at every step in the supply chain from resource use, emissions, and pollution control, to consumer and occupational health and safety.

“We strive to create breakthrough products through research, smart design, and meaningful innovation,” says Giro Apparel Product Manager, Margaux Elliott. “Regenerated materials like Econyl® are the key to creating Renew Series products that people want to wear because they offer the same level of performance and style, they feel great, and they are better for the planet than conventional alternatives.”

And there’s even more good news about Renew–it’s available across our apparel line, in both road and mountain bike styles–so you can stay true to your style on the bike while reducing the impact of your gear:



  • 62% of new styles use bluesign® materials.

  • 48% of new styles use BOTH Renew Series and bluesign® materials.



  • 67% of jerseys are in the Renew Series.

  • 100% of jerseys use bluesign® materials.

  • 100% of shorts use bluesign® materials.



  • 67% of jerseys are in the Renew Series.

  • 100% of shorts and bib shorts are in the Renew Series.

  • 86% of new styles are in the Renew Series.

  • Expert and Sport Chamois now use Renew Series topsheet fabric.