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Every year, Giro collaborates with some of the leading individuals and events in the world of cycling to produce iconic clothing collections. Taking our inspiration from races, athletes and even locations,
we look to produce unique designs using the highest quality materials and cuts. Check out this year's collections below, as well as our archived collections from previous years.

Enduro World Series

Show your stoke for the world’s best riders and the amazing places that host the world’s premier mountain bike racing series with the Giro x EWS Collection.

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Data Mosh Collection

What happens when famed Creative Director Joel Brinson feeds his custom computer program an image, translates it into sound, and then reverses the engineering? Data Mosh happens.

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Grinduro Collection

Pump up your party-to-race ratio with the Grinduro Collection. Whether you’re all about bombing the loamy singletrack in a Roust Jersey or crushing the gravel climbs.

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ARCHIVE: The Sardine Collection

Inspired by the laid-back vibes of Portugal's seaside villages, the Sardine Collection taps into the rich Portuguese seafaring tradition and passion for handcrafted arts.

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ARCHIVE: The Ondas Collection

The Ondas collection captures the energy we get from waves in all their forms— mountain roads, stone walkways, sunset, sand and more.

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ARCHIVE: The Lavender Collection

Reflect the spirit of free-flowing movement with the Lavender collection's feminine, sporty design. The Lavender Vine Collection was inspired by the national flower of Portugal and the natural patterns and lines it creates.

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