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Performance Fit

The Giro Performance Fit supports a low-to-mid-volume foot comfortably and securely. This is the most popular fit option.

High-Volume Fit

The Giro HV Fit is designed for riders with wider feet (D to EE) and provides extra width, greater overall volume or extra tall instep. It also provides the best fit if you use a custom orthotic since they can be thicker than our stock footbeds.

Women’s Performance Fit

The Giro Women’s Performance Fit is designed with lower volume compared to the standard Performance Fit, with a narrower heel cup and forefoot width.

Which pedals are compatible with Giro shoes?

Giro shoes have been designed to be compatible with the most popular clipless pedal and cleat systems for the type of riding they are intended for. To ensure compatibility, please read the instructions provided with your clipless pedals to confirm specifications and proper installation, maintenance recommendations and adjustment options of the cleat and pedal system.

Note: some pedal systems may require the use of an adapter. If you have additional questions about pedal compatibility please contact us.

How should the pedal cleats be attached to the shoe (if the shoes are designed for clipless pedal systems)?


Install the cleat system as per the instructions provided with your pedals. We recommend that you consult the owner’s manual or instructions that come with your pedals to be sure your cleats are installed correctly.


Cleat positioning is a matter of personal choice and can affect your riding comfort, power, and efficiency. Positioning the cleat over the ball of the foot or slightly forward should maximize your power output. Positioning the cleat slightly behind the ball of the foot may increase comfort.

When you first attach cleats to the shoe sole, temporarily tighten cleat bolts to 22 in. lbs. (2.4Nm).

Once you have determined the optimal cleat position, firmly tighten the cleat mounting bolts. For final mounting, the recommended cleat bolt torque is 41-52 in. lbs. (5-6Nm). Do not over-tighten bolts.

We recommend that you follow the torque instructions for the cleat system and use those specifications if they indicate lower torque settings. You should never exceed 6Nm should when attaching the cleats.

Before Riding

Before riding wearing your new shoes with cleats and clipless pedals, you should practice using the shoe and clipless system.

Practice clipping in and out of the pedal while keeping one foot on the ground to maintain balance.

When riding for the first time, find a clear area to practice clipping in and out of the pedal system until the motion becomes familiar.